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Interlibrary photocopy and loan request

You can order photocopy and book loan from other university libraries for a fee. Interlibrary services are available only when our library does not have required items.
If you have any questions, please contact us.


  • Fees for interlibrary loans must be paid by the user in cash.
  • Applications by e-mail, post or fax are not accepted.
  • Cancellation is not acceptable.
  • It takes about seven days to receive the materials.
  • Photocopy is available within the limits permitted by copyright law.* For books containing several works, such as collections of articles and short stories, less than 50% of each article or work .
  • We will contact you when it becomes available. Please pay the fee by the due date.
  • Interlibrary loan covers only books.
  • Interlibrary loan books cannot be checked out from Musashino University Library.


  • Vary depending on the number of sheets and weight of copies.
  • Shipping cost of loan is about JPY 2,000 per item.


  • MyLibrary *(faculty members, commuting undergraduate and graduate students)* Select English as the default language of the web browser to go to the English link.
  • In person
    Interlibrary Photocopy Application Word PDF
    Interlibrary Loan Application Word PDF
    Please read the [Notes] at the top of the application form carefully.

National Diet Library

National Diet Library's user registration supports you in making full use, such as remote photoduplication service of NDL.

For more information, see User Registration of the National Diet Library.

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