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The university library must take due measures to observe the Copyright Act Article 31, based on the "Guidelines on Photocopy Services at University Libraries", notified by the Japanese Coordinating Committee for University Libraries.
In compliance with Copyright Act Article 31, the university library establishes the below-mentioned conditions regarding the use of the copy machines in the library.

  • Only university library materials may be photocopied
  • Only part of an item may be photocopied.
  • With regard to papers and articles in periodicals, the full text may be copied. However,
    periodicals must not be the latest issue or must have been published at least three months earlier.
  • A single copy of an item may be made per user.
  • The use of copy is exclusively for the purpose of research or studies by library users.
  • Copied documents must not be recopied and/or distributed to others, whether for profit or not.

Copyright Act (Japanese Law Translation Database System)

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